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For *Real* Matrix Lovers, Totally Moshimo

I once had a short e-lationship with a British man in the right demographic- he was cute and witty, and he seemed bright and passably knowledgeable. But it turned out he acted childishly controlling, he wasn’t really interested in understanding me in any capacity whatsoever and he was NO fun to play with in Second Life At All.

He’d disagree with me over stupid shit that I was right about all the time, for no reason. Our most memorable confrontation was when I tried to share how much I appreciated the cleverness of the “There is no Spoon” metaphor in the movie The Matrix. When he responded with some sort of contempt, I tried to explain it was because the metaphor was meant to imply an eastern mystical concept that our material world is one of illusion, and that the spoon represents the world of illusion. In fact, this metaphor is rather obvious, spoken by the Asian boy monk in the film. But my brilliant e-boyfriend begged to differ. He maintained that the statement “There is no spoon” was *only* meant literally, and only means that there is no spoon in the Matrix (the simulated reality created by sentient machines). He then went on to chide me for finding metaphors where there aren’t any meant to be found. Yes, he did.

This guy also didn’t enjoy revisiting spats once they were over so I knew he wouldn’t appreciate my forcing the issue, but I needed more than a couple minutes to find the evidence. Not much more though, as there are ample explanations to be found straight from the mouths of The Wachowski’s all over the damn place, not just speculation by other fans. So later that evening I emailed him a handful of these quotes and he received them the next day. Some might think it sad, but it gives me real joy to remember his fury at receiving those emails.

So in his honor I present the following video of someone’s Mom’s unique interpretation of The Matrix along with her son’s hilarious visuals and can’t help but wonder if she is also related to my long ago e-lationship.

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