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Haunted by the Love which Died in June

Many, many thanks to my oldest and dearest friend Phoenix Dreamfyre, AKA PrimePrineFan over on his youtube channel, for creating this charming video of Your Silence I Will Always Admire by Michael McDermott, a major anthem on the soundtrack of our misspent youths. The video is just packed full of meaningful images and quotes from all the wonderful ideas we used to share, along with some timely references to current events. Your Silence I Will Always Admire remains an example of some of the strongest songwriting I’ve ever heard, every syllable and beat positioned for maximum impact, featuring my beloved jangly power chords, a rousing organ/harmonica blend, and always-inspiring female gospel backing vocals. I never get tired of those..

Phoenix learned while making this video that McDermott had recently read Hesse’s Siddartha and that was on his mind while composing it. While not exactly shocking, that seems to partly explain how McDermott expressed so many sophisticated, complex ideas with such disarming eloquence. For so many words, none are wasted!

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