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Observant Prinny blog-stalkers might recognize a repost from my old blog which is sadly relevant again. I’d like to think my real friends know me, but just as the limits of human perception prevent us from peering into a black hole, so are the contents of another’s heart equally hidden, and just as eternally unknowable.

0 multiplied by any other number equals 0.
“I will never walk into your arms” multiplied by 12 also equals 0, just like screaming in the wind, or to call someone to tell them you never want to hear from them again when they had no intention of acknowledging your existence ever again anyhow, or multiplying 0 by 0.

Presenting Fine Friend by the Pale Saints.

This is what it sounds like to fall away through the years, falling farther and farther away, down, and out, in ever widening circles, falling through time, forever.


This poem, titled simply “A Friend” was begun while in high school, and completed during my university years.

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