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Not holding back at Violet

I don’t go to many social areas in Second Life, and always preferred the scrappy Welcome Areas where the various fringe lunatics have a meeting of the minds, usually in full view and hearing of innocent newbies and children. I’ve actually met some very clever people flying under the radar at Welcome Areas, most with the same subversive taste for trash culture as me.

A new sport has developed at the Welcome Areas, that of capturing real life activity in tinychat(video cam), or voice in either SL or tinychat, and then posting it publicly for all the world to enjoy. The woman featured in the below video is a die-hard Violet Welcome Area regular, and rarely a day goes by without Star contributing her own brand of unrefined extreme snark. As one is forced to acknowledge, if not exactly appreciate, her stamina for talking smack, this video requires a similar stamina from the viewer, as she rants on for a solid 11 minutes. Highlights include a debate on the value of civility, fixation on Roofus’s flashlight, and the pleasure gotten from calling out liars. She endures harassment from the peanut gallery, does not falter under a torrent of logic and even withstands physical abuse from a pudgy british-born asian. You can’t make this shit up, folks. (Prinny makes several appearances as the camera rotates, Matrix-like, but politely says nothing.)

Warning! This video is offensive and not safe for work, young children, or those with sensitive tummies.

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