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Sunday Morning, Yellow Sky; 3 Renditions

Shockingly, this song was originally done by an outstanding, long-forgotten(by most) early 90’s group called the October Project, but seems to lend itself particularly well to acapella choral/group efforts..Original plus two live group offerings following the lyrics.

(The baby was free in one of Prinny’s designer groups. I would never buy Prinny a prim baby. Prim babies are entirely hilarious, but they aren’t so different than having a prim pet, really. I know she seems to look just like Prinny, but she doesn’t have horns and hooves…)

I really like the energy of the girl to the far left in this next one, with the aqua green print dress, but is it my imagination she is slightly off beat? She appears to be using her thumbs to keep time..

Not quite as high quality sound, but how fun must it be to be them?!

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