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Two from Boylan Heights

You know you’re old when your favorite band has been retired and gone back to a day job using their law degrees after all, for at least a decade now, or something.. Nevertheless, The Connells will always bear infinite repeated listens and it was time to spotlight (yet again) the opening track to their 1990 tour de force, Boylan Heights. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of this little known group, this is just the beginning of many markers to their soundtrack of my little known life and one of the few videos of them available. But alas, the angst expressed (I delight in my despair) in Scotty’s Lament is not sincere; they are mocking earlier comparisions to The Smiths.

So surprised,
I fought windmills.
So surprised,
I saw angels.
I know my place in this…

So surprised,
I had visions.
So surprised,
You were in them.
I found my place in this world.

It’s you I swear,
it’s you I swear,
I delight in my despair.
(I’ll wait for you)
It’s you I swear,
it’s you I swear,
Giving me the right
(I’ll wait for you)
It’s you who lied,
it’s you who lied
When you had to swallow pride
(I’ll wait for you)
It’s you I swear,
it’s you I swear…

So surprised,
Thoughts escaped me.
So surprised,
Words escaped me.
I know my place in this…

And here! what a treasure to find – a live version of the most gorgeous, one-verse “If It Crumbles”, recorded apparently at some indeterminate date considerably later than 1990.

And for the first and
for the last time,
I’ll wait and see.
And if it crumbles all around me,
Then we’ll wait and see

2 responses

  1. I know the feeling. I felt the same way when one of my fav “new” bands (Concrete Blonde) got back together to release an album of songs written about their experiences with their respective therapists.


    My fav “new” band is old and scarred enough to collectively be in therapy?

    *hides under the bed and whimpers*

    — Ariel

    May 23, 2011 at 10:11 pm

  2. I love Concrete Blonde! I bet Johnnette’s therapist got an earful. But look again I updated this entry with an additional, later video.. crazee.

    May 23, 2011 at 10:34 pm

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