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Someone Wrong Somewhere; Diamond Encore

A women ten years my senior and a close friend, a communist and a punk lover, used to make inelegant vomiting noises at the merest mention of my Neil Diamond adoration. And what a strange sensation he is, with his sequined shirts (out of neccesity, so that everyone in the audience could see him)and his melodramatic vocal style. He appears to be one of one of those cases where there is no line between self-parody and sincerity, but nobody can say he hasn’t inspired a fanatical following.
Astutely observed by Wikipedia:
–Diamond has always had a somewhat polarizing effect, best exemplified by the 1991 film What About Bob? There the protagonist posits, “There are two types of people in the world: those who like Neil Diamond and those who don’t”. The character of Bob attributes the failure of his marriage to his fiancee’s fondness for Diamond. Another example of this love/hate relationship: the Becker episode “It had to be Ew” is largely devoted to ridiculing Diamond and his fans.–

But I’m with the highest rated commenter for this charming early 70’s performance of my favorite Diamond song, Play Me, which says ‘Real men sing songs like this’! Poetic and almost restrained, I love this song so much I’m posting it today as my statement of affirmation, of .. something.

No Neil Diamond tribute, paltry as it is, would be complete without including him as one of the most memorable characters the multi-talented Will Ferrell portrayed on Saturday Night Live. Turning the caring/sharing, feeling/healing Diamond persona on its head, Ferrell’s Diamond discusses murder, heavy drinking and pornography, is abusive, bigoted, and usually high. Truly some of the funniest moments of the late 20th/early 21st century..

“Could someone please confirm if this is real or not? No?? Nevermind..”

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