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Nashville, You Forgot the Human Race

Apparently in the first throes of a mid-life crisis (I never had a mature adulthood, just went straight from young adult angst into mid-life crisis) I’ve been pleasantly surprised to retrieve some memories I’d thought lost, particularly in documenting my favorite music here. The first time I saw the Indigo Girls they had no band and neither did they need one, and debuted the song Nashville before its release on a later album. Written by Amy Ray about an early unhappy experience at Vanderbilt University when she was very young, it made perfect sense to me since I’d never have fit in at Vanderbilt either. But debuting the song Nashville, in Nashville, she was endearingly apologetic, and explained that from her view as a shy girl away from home for the first time at the baby ivy covered Vanderbilt campus, she found our town pretentious. Hee! Really? Nooooooooooo. Say. It. Ain’t. So.

Nashville – click to listen

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