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When Maestros Meet Technology

I really work at trying to get my Dad to read this blog, since I wish to share it with him and I want him to learn to play one of these songs.

Here is the email I received from him today at 11:50AM:

–OK, I’m enjoying hearing the rock songs by the Indigo Girls, I think, but it got mixed in with the dog playing the piano and singing from the other e-mail you sent about the guilty dog, and I was hearing both of them at once; I’m not finding “If I was the Rain,” and I’m confused. I also heard some guy singing something while the dog from the other video was singing.

Help me here.

Now I’m hearing a female voice sing in a very improvisational manner, and I’m thinking this might be “If I Was the Rain” but thre are too many notes on I don’t know how many syllables, and I’, not understanding.

Help me here.

I’m going back to the blog now.–

Then, received at 11:51AM:

–Ok, I’m getting a lot of interference from somewhere; is “If I Was the Rain” actually on here?

I wouldn’t mind listening to any of this music if I wasn’t getting four different songs at the same time.

What therefor should I do now?–

Sigh!!! In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “I can’t stand it. I just can’t stand it. ”

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