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If I Was the Rain

After learning of Eric Lowen’s ALS Diagnosis recently, I’ve been catching up on the Lowen & Navarro music I’ve missed since I was disappointed with their later studio albums. But 2004’s All the Time in the World and 2007’s Learning To Fall do contain some standouts, including the previous entry’s How Mighty is the Silence. I showed that entry and song to a dear friend in Ireland, and he seemed to like it ok, but I was surprised and amused by the shrewdness in his description of Americana(American Folk)!

Irish Friend: yeah has to be said its a very american sound
Me: oh? I think I know what you mean, but can you describe it?
Irish Friend: it is jingly and then theres loads of sincere insights into the complexity of things but there is the standard “we sure have come heck a long way” feel about it
Irish Friend: is that what u expected?

Yeah…that sums it up nicely. That could be said about a lot of my favorite songs! This song from All the Time in the World ranks with Lowen & Navarro’s best work. By being unabashedly sincere, unpretentious, unsophisticated and straightforward, it makes a much more profound point than all the irony or bitterness in the world ever could, and Lowen & Navarro’s songwriting and singing skills were never more refined. It’s the soft side of Nature, and it reminds me that not everything always has to be a natural disaster, including human nature.

Click and hold down Ctrl at the same time on the blue title “If I Was the Rain” right below to hear the song in another window. ahem.. [both Click and Ctlr at the same time (Daddy) ahem. I know I am going to #$%@! hear you couldn’t figure this out. But its not hard! Ctrl + Click! !!#!@&$%!!]

If I Was the Rain

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