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Silence Screams

In the moments before and after anything dissolves or arises, is Silence. Often, Silence is a blessing and a boon, but it can also represent a seemingly inhuman detachment. Sometimes Silence conveys respite, and on other occasions produces profound disconnection. As much as communication is about what isn’t said as is said, and the strongest statements are worded the most concisely, in some circumstances there is nothing louder than Silence. Sometimes it feels like a constant struggle just to make peace with Silence.

These two pictures of Prinny are based on song lyrics, and you can click the link directly below to hear the song (if you press Ctrl while clicking it will open in a new window)! By Lowen & Navarro, from their 2004 album All the Time in the World, during which Eric Lowen was diagnosed with ALS. Much of this album references coming to terms with the tragedy.

04 How Mighty Is the Silence

..and, the title track on Lucy Kaplansky’s 1996 debut;

01 The Tide

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