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Three Important Tori Amos Covers

1. Described recently (by me) as *The* definitive Smells Like Teen Spirit cover. This version predates Cobain’s death, and he’s said to have approved.

2. When I saw Tori Amos on her Boys for Pele tour in 1996, she directly implied she helped Michael Stipe compose Losing My Religion before performing it. She called the song a ‘little troll’ and said she was present at the creation of and instrumental in the life of this ‘little troll’, and I cannot fathom what she was trying to communicate by making this admission, in this manner.. Maybe she really did help write the song and wanted to brag but it doesn’t make sense that she wouldn’t have been credited by REM. My companion and I were incredulous and confirmed to each other we hadn’t misheard. We thought it was a kind of a big deal if she’d helped author Losing My Religion, but we heard it straight from her own lips! WTH Tori!?… If anyone else out there has ever heard this random, unlikely claim by Amos I’d love to know if there is any explanation.

3. My personal favorite, Angie; fairly exceeding the original in musical complexity with a single acoustic instrument, she owns the vocals with a smirk even as she forgets the words (mangles them purposefully?)…less improvised recordings hold up particularly well under repeated listenings reaching at least five digits, but this performance is exuberant anyway!

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