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Urban Roses

Second Life has many options with which to create different environments for digital art, and its forced me to learn a little about computer graphics. I first found virtual worlds searching for digital art, so it would follow that I’d enthusiastically take part in pictorial expressions. The following were inspired by this quote by Tupac that I found. I used to love quotes, but I’d had quote-fatigue for a few years, after so many online profiles had used some of the same quotes I’d used on mine haha. Also, its so easy to hide behind a quote on a profile and say something esoteric and mysterious, instead of actually expressing something personal or honest. I guess a lot of folks avoid anything personal at all in their profiles on purpose, but I have bored of their literary prowess. (Anyhow, I know their secret, that posting a clever quote is not indication of exposure to the actual material, as I have long used literary sound bites to give the impression of being intellectual without having actually read the whole thing).

But there are exceptions and this quote touched me deeply. I only know 2 Tupac songs, and I knew he wrote some clever lines and had a lot of charisma, but I was still initially shocked at how beautifully he expressed this hopeful, encouraging, enlightened concept. While it may seem ironic that a thug icon would express such apparent enlightment, after recovering from its unexpectedness, its really not so surprising that he had it in him.

I was happy with both versions of this picture, but the 1st one fits perfectly as a computer background wallpaper. Enjoy! 😀

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