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Keanu is Sad and Prinny is a Trendsetter

Two years ago I posted about my long-lived adoration of and appreciation for Keanu Reeves, mentioning several humanizing personal details about the actor’s life. I still feel the same about him, and can only emphasize that whatever his limits and whatever his strengths, he was born to play Neo in the Matrix series. The character’s confusion and identity crisis could have been written for the stoner-surfer character turned action-star and superhero! Keanu as Neo represents one of the unlikeliest, but perfectly cast heroes of all time.

Recently there’s been a new Photoshop exploitable Internet Meme called “Keanu Is Sad” created when some forum thread resulted in a discussion on the serious and sober nature of Keanu’s personal life and general existence, and inspired offshoot discussions. A quick glance reveals the forum posters mention the same tribulations Keanu has faced as I did, including his sister’s illness and girlfriend’s untimely death. From the Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies:

“On June 3rd, 2010, Reddit user rockon4life posted an image of Keanu Reeves looking particularly sullen while eating a sandwich on a park bench, with the phrase “I really enjoy acting…Because when I act, I’m no longer me” in a thread entitled Keanu. More sadness in comments. The thread quickly made it to Reddit’s front page, gathering over 281,000 page views.”

Folks, there are no words for this, except to point out how very much I have my finger on the pulse of popular culture, only 2 years too early! Oops.

Here’s my favorites so far, snagged from the message boards..

With Jacob and the Man In Black from the Season 5 LOST finale.

With the victorious in defeat 300 Spartans, and a defiant King Leonidas.

..I’m pretty sure this is from the Ten Commandments but I know that is Charlton Heston to the right, unless that is a bunch of other Jewish slaves to the Egyptians with him and Keanu.

With offspring of Sarah Palin.

… At the recent probation violation trial for Lindsey Lohan.

This all might have tragically escaped my attention, had not one of the Second Life fashion blogs featured the below T-shirt adorning Prinny, which she never wants to take off now;

To quote one of my favorite old movie lines, from Kenneth Brannagh’s character just as he is about to be executed for his wife’s murder at the beginning of the film Dead Again; “Something tells me this is all far from over.”

No, indeed, its just the beginning 😀

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