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Hello world! – one more time

Yeah, lets try this *one* more time!  Redirected (again) from my old blog, which is, I might mention, a virtual youtube graveyard. What the hell happened anyway?? I look away for a couple months, and almost every single video I ever posted was removed due to copyright infringement. I’m not questioning its moral and legal justifiability, I just want to know what the hell happened!

Right, so I needed a spot to blab and to post media again, and here we are. I feel compelled to qualify this first post by disclaiming that in no way do I intend to be the most clever blogger on the internet, and I never really did. But I feel humbled and overwhelmed at the pervasiveness of terminal cleverness by anyone who can type, online these days. Everyone is terminally hip, well-expressed, unbearably flippant, and more that ready with a beyond-clever retort. They are so clever that, in the immortal words of Charlie Brown, I just can’t stand it. Also, they couldn’t be more smug, even if some of them are deeply funny. 

America has a certain culture of self-promotion, and its causes and effects are many and rampant. In America, spin control is so out of control in mainstream culture, that I suspect an entire breakdown of the line between spin control and reality in all levels of society. Clearly, the internet is an ideal tool for tooting one’s horn, and boy do the self-important ever.

While self-absorption comes disturbingly natural for me, I aspire to not take myself too seriously. I just want to post about music, movies, books, poems, jokes, ideas and SL pics, with some private journaling. And sometimes I might post some of these ‘cleverer-than-thou’ and even some ‘sillier-than-shit’ blogger and forum troll comments, in order to share the misery. I can’t quite keep myself from lurking around occasionally, and some things can’t be confronted completed alone!

For this first post, I’d like to share a photo that proves true for the adage, ‘Things can always get worse’.

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